4 Great Excercises That Help Build Big Muscles

by Romaine

Squats are good for your core

Muscle building has made a resurgence of late, and now it seems like everybody is looking for a few special exercises to build plenty of big muscles. One of the problems with that, is that each different part of your body, legs, shoulders, arms, and stomach, is probably going to need a different set of exercises that focus primarily on that one section of muscles. However, there are few exercises that are universally accepted as great muscle building exercises, so let's go over those now.

Why The Bicep Curl Is Something Everyone Should Do.

Having large biceps is probably one of the best muscles for show that you can possibly work on, especially if you are limited on time. No other muscle shows nearly one hundred percent of the time like biceps do, if you've worked on them, and build them up. With the bicep, it's important to understand its an isolation exercise, solely designed to build the bicep. You'll want to make sure that the only joint that moves is your elbow joint, so it's isolating the bicep using as large of a weight as you normally lift 10 times, do 10 bicep curls, change arms and do it again. Do three sets of 10 each, with each arm, and then rest for a day. Rather than increasing the number of reps as your strength increases, keep increasing the weight, to keep the reps the same, in order to build larger muscles.

The Squat Is Good For Your Core, And Your Legs.

Squats are a great exercise because they exercise not only your legs, but your lower back, and your abdominal core at the same time. When doing your squats you'll want to make sure that you only go down to where your thigh bones are parallel to the ground before you go back up. The reason for this, is that you don't want to put extra stress on your knee joints, and you've already done what was needed for your thighs, back, and core.

The Push-Up Helps Broaden Your Back.

After you've done plenty of push-ups you'll notice that the with of your upper back will broaden out and make you look quite a bit stronger, at the same time that it gives the illusion that your waist is smaller, even if it's not. The great thing about doing push-ups is that you don't need any extra weights or machines, they can be done almost anywhere. Push-ups are great for strengthening your core, shoulders, triceps and pectorals, which all help you look better in a tight T-shirt.

The Pullup.

Pull ups are another great exercise that can help grow your back muscles, as well as your biceps, lats, traps and your deltoids too. This is another great exercise that helps broaden your back while thinning out your waistline at the same time.

As you master each exercise, and are able to do quite a few reps - then you should branch out. This helps build a better overall balance, otherwise you can end up overworking some areas and looking a strange shape!