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4 Great Excercises That Help Build Big Muscles

by Romaine

Squats are good for your core

Muscle building has made a resurgence of late, and now it seems like everybody is looking for a few special exercises to build plenty of big muscles. One of the problems with that, is that each different part of your body, legs, shoulders, arms, and stomach, is probably going to need a different set of exercises that focus primarily on that one section of muscles. However, there are few exercises that are universally accepted as great muscle building exercises, so let's go over those now.

But It Is Fun

by Romaine

Football is fun

I know I often feel like this after a game. It must be age getting to my old bones, but a decent game on a weekend and I hurt in every muscle. Top to toe.

Play football they said ... it will be fun they said.

I don't know what you guys do to relieve the pain 90 minutes of kicking a ball around manages to do for you - but all I can think of is a hot bath and beer. Not necessarily in that order. The heat to ease the muscle ache, and the beer to ease the pain of losing again ;-).

It Still Hurts, But In A Different Way

by Romaine

different pain

One of my other pleasures - or vices depending on whether you ask my girlfriend or me - is placing the odd bet on the football. It's a lot of fun and it doesn't hurt as much as playing, just a little bit when you come so close to a big win.

It's a bit weird the first time you go to a bookies to do it (you can do it online too now of course - William Hill are good here), but it's a lot more fun than the old 'football pools' that my dad, and granddad used to do (but never won!).

It's a lot easier than it looks, but I know it totally freaked me out the first time I tried doing it. All you see is a wall of confusing numbers, and odds and stuff. But just have a go. You learn fast and if you only bet minimum amounts it costs next to nothing to have a bit of fun while you learn the ropes. It's probably worth doing a 5 minute read up online before anyway so you can get the basic football betting odds stuff explained. I wouldn't put a lot of time into it though, just have a go and learn 'on the job'.